DITAU Interiors


Based in the City of Gold – Johannesburg, South Africa, Ditau Interiors is one of the top leading Interior Design companies in the industry creating effortless interiors of laidback sophistication for Residential and Leisure projects throughout the country, continent and around the world.


Ditau Interiors designs exclusive interiors of distinction, with modern detailing and a sprinkle of natural accents and organic flow. We are passionate about sourcing local, supporting made in South Africa and AFRICAN furniture, décor, art, artifacts and accessories as well as handmade, perfectly imperfect craft and bringing these accents into our designed spaces.

We pride ourselves in simple, uncluttered interiors…

At Ditau Interiors, we produce pure living and leisure spaces that reflect the authentic lifestyle and individual tastes of our clients.

WHY WE DO IT: (Inspiration)

The basis of Ditau Interiors’ inspiration stems from the five basic Elements of Life:






The new age of design is about mixing the known with the unknown and bringing in earthy elements, reconnecting us with nature and Ditau Interiors has the resources and talent to merge the best of all worlds…


Ditau Interiors begins the process of planning, detailing and furnishing interiors by consulting with Clients in order to develop an understanding and a sense of their lifestyle, taste and budget.

A variety of services are available. From Concept Creation, Design and Décor,, right through to Complete Turnkey services that begin with the pre-construction stage to final installation. 

At Ditau Interiors, we provide:

• Full architectural review of drawings and proposed plans

• FF&E (Furniture, Fabrics and Equipment) layouts

• Reflective ceiling plans

• Electrical layout plans

• Working drawings of custom designed furniture

• 3D and 4D Computer automated drawings

• Detailed Sample & Finishes Boards

• FF&Especification packages

• Detailed budget breakdowns

Whether designing new interiors or renovating existing, we offer our Clients a complete design experience…


Our aim is to make the design process as informative, simple and enjoyable as possible for our clients.

Once Ditau Interiors has been appointed for our exclusive and personal services, a list of headache free resource are available to our client:

• We provide 3D-4D computer animated walk through or perspective drawings of our client’s interior spaces to assist with a clearer visualisation of the designed space, and for a client to be able make necessary comments towards the design direction.

• Whether our client is travelling on business or pleasure, we stay connected through various suitable means online and are able remain in touch about progress on their project.

• Ditau Interiors bring the world to you. Through our extensive local and international connections and access into top, international Design platforms. We keep our finger on the pulse of global design and share our world of knowledge with our client. 

• We mix the old with the new. At Ditau Interiors, we throw nothing away that does not need to be thrown away and make all pieces old and new come together elegantly; thereby creating a personalized interior designed setting that speaks true to our client’s individual taste.

DESIGN Philosophy:

• Juxtaposed with simple and natural interiors that blend perfectly imperfect furniture, fabrics, art, accessories and artifacts, DITAU Interiors is the home to pure and authentic living.

• In our home, luxury is about the simple pleasure of everyday living surrounded by nature, earthy textures and colours that reflect a calm, relaxed and harmonious environment. 

• DITAU Interiors brings the essence of laidback living into your home, through beautiful spaces and designs complimented by our global synergies within a modern lifestyle.

• DITAU Interiors is a home to great design traditions, rich heritage and cultures transported into a modern day, authentic lifestyle.

• We capture the soul, we capture the essence, we capture the spirit of living in tune with our natural surroundings.

Welcome HOME…