“In Africa, we have one of the best climates in the world and that has greatly influenced how we live. Our connection to nature, and the way we interpret this in our daily lives and evoke into the spirit of how we design, is where the magic in our creations resides”, says Nthabi. 

At Ditau Interiors, Nthabi shines the spotlight on spaces that reflect relaxed and natural interiors with distinct elements and cultural influences from around the continent. 

Nthabi believes that a home is so much more than an interior, accommodating furniture and décor.

It is also a sanctuary and space that restores one’s soul, an intimate environment to be shared with family and close friends. This view is central to her narrative on design and authentic living. She has honed her ability to consider living spaces outside of the boundaries imposed by formal rules, society’s understanding of luxury, and trends; so that her interiors become an extension of authentic, design culture and tradition. 

This philosophy is driven by Nthabi’s passion to inspire others to return to a natural and serene way of life; by bringing in elements of nature into designs to achieve a beautiful balance of modern living in tune with natural tranquillity.

Welcome HOME…

A NATURAL Aesthetic . . .

What does it mean to design with NATURE..?

“Everything in our world is a compound of the Five Natural Elements.

These elements are understood as different types of energy in a state of constant interaction and flux with one another.

They are changing, moving, waning and expanding at all times.

The most important of all is the BALANCE of all elements”…



When you are in a stable Five Element environment, and everything is under control, you live peacefully.

When you are in an unpredictable environment, you naturally feel unsettled, uneasy and out of control.

Five Basic Elements of NATURE:






These elements are understood as different types of energy in a state of constant interaction and flux with one another.

Bring your Five Elements into BALANCE when you want to create design harmony around you…

Five Elements of NATURE…

The Five Basic Elements of NATURE are also associated with our Five Senses, meaning we in fact are always connected and responding to nature.

The basest element, Earth created using the Five Elements can be perceived by all our Five Senses:






NATURE Balance…

The Relationship between the Five elements:

There are Affinity and Enmity relationships between the Five Elements.

The Affinity relationship means generating, supporting, helping, producing.

The Enmity relationship means destroying and overcoming


Water can help tree (WOOD) grow

Wood can help fire burn

Fire can help to produce dust (EARTH)

Earth can help minerals (METAL) to form

Metal can hold Water


Water quenches fire

Fire melts Metal

Metal chops Wood

Wood parts Earth

Earth absorbs Water